Admission Essay on Theory of Evolution

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Darwin’s theory of human evolution, was a monumental leap for science. Although the basic concept of evolution, that species evolve through the process of natural selection, had been known for some time, it required that someone interpret the documentation and process it into a coherent theory. Both Charles Robert Darwin and A.R. Wallace came up with the same belief at the same time. The theory, that became universally known as Darwinism, which was published in 1859 in Origin of Species, involved the thought that humans were descendants from other types of primates. Although there has yet to be found the “missing link” relating humans in a clear line to that first human, there is ample documentation in fossil records that link the human race to the hominid group, or apes.

Through the study of genetics, anthropology and paleontology, humans and our immediate ancestors are thought to be closely related because of their upright movement, slow rate of maturation, large brain size, and most recently, sophisticated use of language, tool use and social activity.

Darwin’s theory set off a firestorm of controversy that can be heard to this day. At the time of the publication of Origins of Species, the accepted theory was that humans had evolved through special selection. In other words, we as humans were born at the beginning of time as they appear now and each species developed and stayed the same as they always had. This worked well with the teachings about Adam and Eve and the Bible and therefore was supported strongly by the Church. Because the Church thought this new theory was a direct attack against it’s teachings, it fought against its acceptance and tried to have the theory banned throughout the educational process. Today, the two theories coincide somewhat in harmony, although there has been a recent push among fundamentalists to have creationism taught as an alternative in schools.

Interpreting and being able to agree or disagree with certain theories takes a lot of knowledge about the subject. Because I have not studied in depth about the subject, I can only agree or disagree with what I know. I personally don’t agree with the creationism theory because it doesn’t make logical sense. People are happy to believe in their religion but to argue that the creationism theory should be taught as a science is impossible. It doesn’t makes sense, through everything I’ve learned in science classes, that one day something is not there at all in any form and the next it’s there. There is no science involved with their belief. There is no proof in the creationism theory, where as in Darwin’s theory there are fossil records and other concrete scientific evidence. Darwin’s theory has been accepted more or less for almost 150 years because of the fact that it has been irrefutable by any other science.

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