Essay on If You Could Have a Household Robot, for What Jobs Would You Want It Programmed?

If I had a household robot, I would have it programmed for basic household chores. First of all it should be capable of vacuum cleaning. It should be equipped with special sensors enabling it to find its way around the house without getting stuck on corners, edges, wires or other obstructions. Additionally, the sensors should be sophisticated enough to avoid the stairs. Overall the battery performance should be anywhere between four to five hours when engaged in heavy household activities such as vacuuming. Once the battery charge is almost depleted it should return back to the charging base independently, and the batteries will be recharged.

Secondly, I would like the robot to be able to set the table for meals. Unlike humans, I do not expect it to know the utensils to be used or the number of people to be served. These parameters should be configured, and the robot should proceed to execute them. The robot should stand by, like a butler, and be programmed to detect my intentions through speech or eye movement. It should come with an encyclopedic memory containing all sorts of information like the different types of foods and its nutritional value. As an added advantage, it should come preprogrammed with a variety of recipes. This would serve to make the cooking process enjoyable; it would be like having a professional chef guiding your every move.

In addition to the two features above, the household robots can be programmed to do the following tasks: cleaning pools by sucking all the dirty water out of the pool and washing the dirty dishes. It could also offer features like an inbuilt image projector for entertainment in addition to many other domestic needs and chores. In general, the ultimate purpose of the household robot should be to lessen the burden of household chores without compromising efficiency.

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