Physics of Airplanes essay

The physics of airplanes is quite complex. This writing will just be going over the basic physics of how airplanes work it will also go through what their roles are today and how important aircrafts are today.

In short the main concept of airplanes is the flight. Although there is much more physics to an airplane’s flight, this writing will go over the main idea of lift. The main factors that affect the lift are the area of the wing, shape, angle, tilt and speed. These will affect the velocities above and below the wing. The shape of the wing is very important to the lift. Imagine this from a profile view, it would look flat on the bottom and then on the top it would have an arc towards the front of the wing and would even out in the back. Since the top has more area than the bottom wind would have to travel faster than the bottom; so when the plane begins to move the wind passing over the wings will have different velocities. To even this out the speed above the wing must go faster than under. This creates different pressures, the bottom part of the wing has more pressure than the top and this pressure will begin to push upwards. The higher the speed going over the wings the greater the lift will be. According to Bernoulli’s principle, it is this difference in air velocity that produces the difference in air pressure.

Today there is a wide variety of airplanes. Each was made for certain purposes but some are used differently from their original purpose. The most widely used are commercial airplanes that civilians have access to. Most people have access to these transport airplanes and example of people that wouldn’t, would be criminals etc. People fly to almost any state, city or country they would like to visit as long as the have a valid passport. Airplanes can travel much faster than the transportation of a ship causing more people to use air transportation. Another type of aircrafts would be the shipment aircrafts. These deliver all sorts important things. Some of these would people’s mail, agriculture shipments, technology and many more things that affect the world’s economy. The other main type is the fighter or military type aircrafts. The military can use these to fulfill many important tasks. They have scout, fighter aircraft and their own transport aircraft specifically for them. All of these types play important roles from economy to a country’s defense.

When I think of it airplanes affect me more than I would of ever thought. My family and I have traveled quite a bit and many of the times we have traveled by plane. Traveling by air can save a person’s time and money. Nowadays you can buy a plane ticket within minutes and be on your way to a far off country. Today airplanes also can affect the economy. Many companies make their contracts and business interactions with companies in neighboring states and distant countries. In order to receive their products and needed shipments they use airplanes that can deliver all of these within hours if necessary.

In the end airplanes are very important to many of us today. I believe airplanes will affect us much more in the future, from transportation to warfare. I have learned the basics to the physics of airplanes, which further interests me in airplanes and how they work.

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